Crash Landing




the Hunt

Taylor's Escape


Landon's Fate

The Cave


Beware the Beast man

The Statue

Where's Taylor

Ursus' Speech


The Lawgiver Bleeds

Thy Inmost Self


The Apes Attack

End of the World

The Unveiling

Where Are We?



Hasslein's Dilemma


Cornelius' History

Armando and Milo

The Plague

Lousy Human


Ape Management

Shock Table


The Ape Revolt

Caesar's Speech

Director's Cut

Flame Thrower



Command Post

Night of the Fires

The Forbidden City

The Archives


Kolp's orders

Now Fight Like Apes


Mendez and the Bomb

Who Knows About The Future?


opening Credits

The Trial


Buried Alive

Message from the Past


The High Council

Zaius' Study

Thade's Father

Pericles' Landing


Thade is Trapped

He's a Smart one

Climb, Caesar climb


I Got a Cookie for ya

Caesar Speaks


Streets of San Francisco

The Bridge